dinsdag 7 april 2015

Some Dilemmas

I talked about dilemma's in the early stages of my graduation project. Tough choices affecting the world and the players in the game.

Now I have to make some tough choices about my game. After the last presentation I received some feedback and some questions. I'll go into that a little bit more later.

First I need to answer a few questions, and I'll probably need some help for that.

question 1: 

Will my game be made in Unity 3D or in Twine?
I talked about both platforms. Twine requires almost no programming skills but is kind off limited when it comes to images.

Unity is a more versatile platform but I'll probably need a decent programmer to help me with that.
To answer this question I'm going to talk to Remco Dazelaar. A former internship collegue of mine. He's a unity guru so he probably has some answers!

question 2:

About Images. My first idea was to create Gif's for each situation. But that will probably eat a lot Twine's power. I'm not even sure if twine can handle so much Gif's. As there will probably be 50 or more unique gif's in this game. Another option is to create camera movement in Unity by layering my images in the Unity 2D engine. I'll need to make sure to paint my scenes in different layers. Seperating Foreground, middleground and background. That will probably look pretty cool. I've actually done it before in a previous project.

This is the painting I used for the camera movement. 

The trick is to make a 2D painting look like a 3D environment. This can be done by as I said, by seperating foreground, middleground and background. A virtual camera can then be used to suggest movement.

I already posted some examples for the Gif's I think they would both look cool but I haven't made a decision yet. I guess it all depends on whether I'm going to use twine or unity.

More on that later.

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