dinsdag 7 april 2015


So about this presentation. The main feedback from my teachers was about a few things.

Story. What do you want to tell with this story?
Check. I'm working on a storyline as we speak! They suggested I used a premade storyline or structure. I'm looking at nice structures with which I can make a story so I don't have to make anything from scratch.

They also asked. Do we need the real world? Do we need to switch between worlds?
I already talked about that in my previous post. Their comments made me think about it. And I'll probably go with a story that confronts the player with the real world in the end.

How can I give that extra layer to my images? 
I also talked about that a few posts before this one. It's either Animated Gifs or layered paintings with a parallax movement.

What will the interaction be like?
Basicly 3 players are faced with situation and they can make choices individually and as a group. Each choice affects the world and the other players. I hope to make people interact with eachother outside of the screen. The writing has to be humorous and good to do this.
The interaction so far doesn't seem like much but when done correctly text and images can make players interact with eachother.

There are quite a lot of games that face people with choices. But they are mostly single player games like The wolf among us. I want to use mechanics from roleplaying games like dungeons and dragons where players can make decisions individually or as a group.

My game will be very similar  to a Gamebook but for multiple players. I think that describes my game in the most accurate way. The game tells a story to the players through text and art and the players can alter the story by making decisions that affect the world and it's inhabitants.

So how am I going to create this story? More on that in the next post.

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