vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Target audience

My Target audience for this game will not be children as you might all think. Children have the talent to come up with fantastic and sometimes absurd imagined worlds. The phase in which children learn to do this is called the formative stage. Which is in danger because in the present day children get everything presented to them with images in stead of letting them figure out things in their heads.
My target audience is everyone above 16 who is interested in science fiction, roleplaying games and comic books. In this game I will still present the audience with images but I leave plenty of room for imagination.

The reason that this game is not for children or ill children for that matter is because they already know how to imagine these worlds. It would be weird to create a game in which children play as children that come up with a fantasy world. They wouldn't need this game. They can come up with their own stories.
I want to create this game for adults to let them know how it feels to escape to another world. That sometimes it's the only choice when you've got nowhere else to go, and that sometimes, you don't need much to come up with an immense fantasy world. In this case all the children need is their own little hospital room. There are plenty of objects to use in their story. Like their bed, the windows, the curtains, balloons, medical equipment, teddy bears and so on.

So once again this game is not about being sick. It's about imagining and escapism. I present the target audience with the outlines of the world (through images) But they can use their own imagination to fill in the empty space (between images) That's called closure, and plays an important role in my project.

Visual novel
Symbolism (which I will talk about later)

Children's hospitalroom

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