donderdag 26 maart 2015

Sources and examples

So what would this game be like?
Take for example the games made by Telltale Games, like the Wolf Among Us, Tales of the borderlands, Game of Thrones and Walking dead.

In these single player games you play one or more characters. The choices you make in the game will alter the storyline and the outcome of things.
My game will use some of these simple mechanics. One main difference is that my game will be for multiple players. So players make individual choices that can have an effect on the storyline or on another player. Some choices are made with the entire group so the players can actually discuss their choices outside of the screen, adding an extra dimension to the game. Two worlds inside the screen, and one world outside of it.
Telltale's Game of Thrones visual storytelling game

The multiplayer aspect leads me to the Yawhg. A game I talked about a while ago. This game has a very clear system that makes it easy for players to see whose turn it is. They use color codes. Player 1 controls a green guy, player 2 controls a blue lady and so on. I'd like to make use of that.
The Yawhg's Characters

Also in my game there will be two worlds. And choices can be made in both of them. Each world affecting the other world. Because a doctor would just look at 3 kids sitting on a bed talking about spaceships. But the kids are actually in their fantasy world.

In terms of theme there is a Dutch production called Paultje en de draak. An animation about a boy defeating his ilness that took the shape of a dragon. In this movie the boy also steps into a fantasy world where he defeats the dragon. In my game the players don't defeat their illness they just forget that they are ill for a while, while being in their made up world.

Players soaring through the sky with balloon based objects.

The two worlds are very contrasting in terms of shape and design language. More on that in the next post

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